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Sensor introducing “KICK2 by Brian Sanhaji“

⁄⁄⁄ This pack contains over 700 Samples
All Kicks are created & processed with analog gear.

__Single Kicks
Organized in 15 groups incl. variations of the respective kicks. 
89 kicks in total plus a "Various" folder with 20 different kicks.

All single kicks as non-pitched loops,
sorted like the single kicks for quick assignability.

If your speed is there, you don't have to create loops from the single kick samples. Available Speeds: 128,132,136,142,145 BPM
*Avoid pitching kicks because it sounds worse in most cases.

no mindless sampling from drum machines
the very very most kicks are layered and were recorded with several drum machines at the same time. 

Sonic Potions & Erica Synth LXR 02 Digital Drum Synth
Elektron Analog Rytm
Clavia Nord Drum
Erica Bassdrum Eurorack Module 
Mfb Drum 04  Eurorack Module 
Volca Kick

ANALOG Processing:
Overstayer Modular Channel
The Culture Vulture Super 15
API 560
API 527
Litle Labs VOG
DBX 510 
SPL Transient Designer

539MB (unzipped) - 44,1Khz, WAV 24bit

100% Royalty Free

Demo Song info: 
Only the kickdrums are included in this pack.

Synth loops and drums coming from:Patterns. Damaged Drums, Analog Sequences Vol.3 and The One